Thursday, June 19, 2014

Monastery of the Caves

Experience the atmosphere of the market
The main attraction in the beautiful historical city of Lviv Market Square, which is the heart of the historic district of the city. Over the past 600 years, and this place was in the heart and head of Lviv. By the end of the 19th century served as the administrative center of the city. Many of the families of wealthy merchants and nobles local beautiful houses here, and most of them still. The building consists of 45 conservation of buildings that have been restored with a lot of love. The atmosphere is creating absolutely genuine. Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Rococo are all here, and certainly not to be missed.

Discover the Monastery of the Caves
Located on the green hills overlooking the Dnieper River Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, is one of the main attractions for tourists and pilgrims Orthodox. This gold-domed churches, beautiful and complex rivals the Hermitage in St. Petersburg for greatness. But the wonderful thing is underground: a complex network of catacombs alignment mummies of monks and other remnants of the past. This is a unique experience, go through the tunnel to light candles.

Arcadia beach

Relax on the beach Arcadia
Believe it or not, but people swimming in the summer on the beaches crowded, dirty and Odessa, but this is not the main reason to visit the Black Sea coast. Go to the beach in Ukraine has more to see and be seen to do, and Arcadia is the center of action. Victorian buildings with cafes and countless, bars and nightclubs, and the beach is very popular for Ukrainian visitors alike. To understand the new aspirations of Ukraine, is one of the best places to go. Do not forget to admire the clinics the previous government when you go to the main street.

Go to the opera
When you visit Lviv, if you really want to experience the heart of Ukraine, go to the theater or opera. The many theater groups in the city and play all year round. But if you're a fan of opera, you can not miss the opera built Ivan Franko. This building is the pride of the citizens of Lviv and it's easy to see why. This structure has a remarkable interior rich interface, and first among all European opera houses the main charges.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Crimea and Andreeva Hill

It was once the summer residence of the Crimean leader of the Kremlin , but today is the strange part of Ukraine, where the wine towns and tourist centers mixture of rust and the ghost of ancient monuments communists . The area is a popular place for Westerners , because of cheap accommodation and many bathrooms. The regional capital , Simferopol boring and has a wonderful thing , but Yalta , as the "Pearl of the Crimea " attraie known to many visitors . Turned bathrooms Yalta from the communist era in the spa and the surrounding countryside offers many excursions, such as parks Nikitsky.

Riding Hill Andreeva
When you visit Kiev, you should spend a few hours walking on the hill Andreev . The raided this beautiful paved street in the city center a few years ago the artist . There are many cafes and restaurants in the area , making it an ideal location for a visit to Kiev. You can also on the road and on the Independence Square Khreshmatik, the two most important areas of the city on foot . Independence Square elegant , with fountains and old chestnut , a very pleasant place to sit and people in Kiev .

Pushkin Museum and Saint Sophia Cathedral

Pushkin Museum
If you like history or literature , you may want to stop in the Pushkin Museum . The famous writer spent some time in Odessa after he was exiled for his radical of Moscow . Although he spent most of the 13 months of his stay in the city of chasing women and administrative work to achieve , Pushkin was able to produce some of his best work . The museum is a simple and attractive , and full of interesting exhibits , but primarily aimed at fans of the writer .

 Saint Sophia Cathedral
The oldest church in Kiev on 1017 , when it was built , the victory of Prince Yaroslav the Bedouin tribes in an attempt to invade the Kiev celebration . The inside is simply sublime , with mosaics and frescoes in the original 1000 years old . Golden domes and bell tower of the Baroque style in the 18th century, he added .

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Saturday, March 22, 2014


This beautiful city , full of Baroque and Renaissance architecture , and is a museum under the open sky , and located in the heart of the Ukrainian national culture . The biggest attraction is definitely the market, which , 600 years since the active center of the city. In the past, this place was home of wealthy merchants and nobles in urban areas , and served as the administrative center of the political and economic Lviv . Today , the market square in the heart of old Lviv . It consists of 45 buildings that reflect the traditions of Gothic , Baroque and Renaissance and rococo city.

Located at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains , Lviv is one of the oldest and most interesting cities in Europe . Attractions include Castle in the city, the National Museum , the Military Museum the old , and the Museum of History and the Museum of Ethnography and Crafts . The inside of the real in Europe , an opportunity a few days in this city, do not miss to spend .


This city is a strange mix of the tourist town beaches and pollution coexistence Brownfield together one way or another . Odessa was long an important commercial port on the Black Sea. It gained notoriety during the revolution in 1905 , when a ship carrying rebel insurgency . 192 steps from the famous Potemkin Steps from the famous film Battleship Potemkin . The city also has a cultural side , with a big Oprah ( one of the largest companies in the world ) , and Vorontsof Palace and the Archaeological Museum , which contains collections from Egypt and parts of the Black Sea. And of course there are the beaches. You people are dirty and black , but the Ukrainian still go to the beach every summer Arcadia mingle with the crowds.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Kiev 0.5 Founded century , the city was the mother of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia . These three countries rise of Kievan Rus , the Slavic empire , and the area between 9 and 11 century censorship. Survived this wonderful old city and the Mongol invasions , and the destruction caused by the Second World War , communism , so that visitors to visit many opportunities .

Golden Gate in Kiev is the last memory of the walls of the 10 century , has been constructed in order to protect the city . Important as the site of a Christian Orthodox , and the city has many religious sites that are worth visiting . The Monastery of the Caves underground catacombs complex once in the center of the Orthodox Church in its infancy. Saint Sophia Cathedral is a work of art in itself and has a magnificent icons and frescoes .

Other cultural attractions are the Opera House in Kiev, the Ukrainian Museum of Art , and the best group in the country from regional artists from 16 century to the present day , and the Historical Museum of Ukraine , which has a lot of information about the cultural history of Ukraine . Make sure that you. Along the cobbled streets of the hill on Andreev , go where artists work and watch the world go by for a few hours on the road and on Khreshchatik Independence Square , the center of social life Kiev

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Ukraine area has been inhabited for a very long time , although the recently independent country . The most important cities of Kiev , Lviv, Odessa offer an interesting combination of sights and activities . The oldest churches in Kiev and cobbled streets a very large number of visitors traveling to the Ukraine for the first time a surprise. Is often regarded Lviv as a living museum with its marvelous architecture and interest in Ukrainian heritage . Chrome region in Crimea is a beautiful area again , and of course, the country has a beautiful Carpathian Mountains . Ukraine receives very little publicity for his points of tourist attractions , but the truth is a country with a long and rich history and complement the beautiful urban landscape difference .

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