Monday, November 19, 2012

Handover of Hong Kong

In recent years, with the handover of Hong Kong by the British and Portuguese Macao China a country's system two plans afoot. Does not allow the free market to take in the two special administrative regions (SARs), but there is always a need for strict economic control in other areas of the country.

Climate and China suffers from all extremes. In the north the winter months from December to March is usually very cold. In Beijing, for example, rarely the temperature rises above 0 ° C is located in the area north of the Great Wall of China in Inner Mongolia, and will get colder temperatures from Celsius to about -40

In contrast, the summer months in Beijing and other parts of the north, muggy, with temperatures of 38 ° C are not uncommon. Spring and autumn the best of times, no doubt, to the major tourist attractions in the north of China to visit, since daytime temperatures of 20-30 ° C. However, at this time for cool nights.

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