Monday, November 19, 2012

Ming Dynasty

According to the Ming Dynasty, founded by Hong Wu Buddhist novices. Remained Débutât Ming Dynasty in 1368 and 1644 - during this period was the most prominent cities of Beijing and Nanjing.
The first Europeans who came the Portuguese in Macau for a brief period on a single charge. Two centuries later, however, that other European powers. Established trade relations with China, and found that the trade balance in Guangzhou of China that Europeans bought more tea and silk, and Chinese.

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The British were the first, the trade balance, restore Active trade opium cultivation in 1773. China suffered humiliating defeats in the Opium War, nearly 70 years later, what. During the transfer of Hong Kong to the British other European powers came to China, through its dominance on the Chinese mainland. China then took the suggestion of the trade "open" with the United States, to the end of the colonial property in China.

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