Sunday, December 2, 2012

Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Emperor Huang Qi Shi

By many of the eighth wonder of the world, and was buried in part of this army of soldiers near the city of Xi'an, one of the main points of a trip to China. Reproduced 6000 tons actual size warriors and presented individually with both large and weighing more than 270kg Warriors and 1.80 m. Protect the army guarding the tomb of Emperor, and in the past.

In Mandarin, the word "Tiananmen", "Gate of Heavenly Peace." Events that we have to remember this place unfortunately far from peaceful. The place is actually right in the center of Beijing, this is the largest square in the world, with a capacity of one million people. North entrance to the Forbidden City Square to the west of the Great Hall of the People in the south, and Qianmen Gate, and to the east you can see at the Museum of the popular revolution

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