Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Andong is a great place to explore and also a meeting place for the class of "yangban" (aristocrats). If the dam was built Dong in 1976, a significant proportion of the effects must be destroyed in the building. Fortunately, was transferred earlier it in the village of Dong and Museum, both located at the foot of the dam and the interest subject.

Buddhist temples

South Korea has on its territory thousands of ancient temples and picturesque. The vast majority built in remote areas in the mountains. Has been created many national parks around the temple with wonderful trails for all hikers. Do not miss Beopjusa Buddha temple complex stands 25 feet tall. Temple Haeinsa in Kayasan National Park, home to stone inscriptions, Buddhist sacred texts from the 13th century. Other important temples are Bulguksa Jikjisa, Tongdosa (near Busan) Hwaomsa (near Namun) and Songgwangsa (near Gwangju).

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