Sunday, January 20, 2013

Samcheok Seoul


It is scheduled to visit Samcheok a quiet fishing village and harbor very pleasant. Waterfalls are very popular all over the Yongchu and caves Seongnyu, and wings Jukseo Wolseong Mangyang, and hot springs of Baegam. Samcheok 190 kilometers east of Seoul.


Seoul is the heart of the political and economic center of cultural and South Korea. This city offers visitors's Mauser focus, excellent quality of housing and public transport modern and unique cultural experience. High-rise buildings and highways to compete for space at the speed of traffic. This intense activity so many believe that this city never sleeps. And significantly restore However, I was also in the ancient temples Seoul many historic palaces. Although the country's future, and Korea has the great efforts made to preserve the historical and cultural heritage. It is also relatively easy to find parks or similar traditional markets where existing a century ago, a few dozen kilometers from the city center.

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