Sunday, January 20, 2013


Suwon has its place in the castle of the 18th century, has been completely renovated. At the exit of the city is a traditional Korean village, which has become a major tourist attraction in the country. Every house in this village is located in a specific area of Korea. Residents have the old tools and all the traditional techniques of production. "Incheon Pottery Village" and now is the best place to buy porcelain. Died near Suwon also Namhansam castle style building, which dates back to more than 2000 years ago, from his temple. In the Shilla Dynasty and the tomb of King Sejong Shinrruk built in 1450 is located 32 kilometers south of Suwon Seoul.

Do not miss the boat to the island of Jeju (Jeju Iceland) and is located 96 km south-east coast of Korea to go. And called the largest island in the country as the "Island of the Gods". Characterized by bizarre rock formations, volcanic craters and caves. And was appearing soon may no longer subterranean landscape seems strange to see the moon. It is a paradise for lovers of adventure and extreme sports: Hiking in Illch'ulbong majestic lava rising Songsan (peak Sunrise), fishing, scuba diving, horseback riding, fishing and golf. See also Folkcraft and the Natural History Museum and the neighboring market, "Moksuk selves" - a garden of stone and wood, and Sinyang display Jungmun Hyeopje brine baths Bijarim nutmeg forests, caves and Sanbanggul region Jungmun. Jeju Iceland is 485 km south of Seoul.

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