Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Travel Hong Kong

Hong Kong subtropical climate produces high temperatures most of the year and winter short and sweet. In the spring (March to mid-May) temperatures above 23 ° C and very humid landslides and floods normal. Summer is (late May to mid-September), hot and humid with a few showers. And the temperature reaches 33 ° C. Autumn (late September to early December) dry with sunny days and temperatures around 23 degrees Celsius. Winter (December to February late) are cool, with low humidity and temperatures C. Of about 17 °

Hurricane season usually begins in June and ends in September. There are at least two or three hurricanes affect the annual Hong Kong, or at least influence on the climate. Royal Observatory in Hong Kong has a responsibility to inform the media when the tornado alert. Warning system graduated from 1 to 10, is the intensity of the hurricane. Will stop 8 means that you stay within the public transport temporarily

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