Saturday, April 13, 2013


Several formats to facilitate, and each has certain advantages Paris travel from Sicily. Tired of traveling by train, but requires more time. They are not expensive and with 75 euros to 100 euros, visitors can enjoy the sidewalk. Train 14 - hours of Turin and Catania group, and tourists, to enjoy the scenery and soothing differences across the country. Moreover, rail must not leave the coast, offering stunning views are incredible. Traveling by car to pay more than it is attractive, but in the off-season you have to pay 80 € and the price up to € 18 for very small distances. But you take a boat in Genoa is the last solution. Group serves Grimm Aldi consistent with the rate of € 1,000. Crossing takes about 22 to 30 hours at sea in Sicily reached. Better start is by boat to Naples, that intersection faster, but this method requires a long journey on the road. However, the aircraft made ??from Raynair company unless the transfer from Palermo or Trapani to European cities offer courses worth 70 euros for 2 hours of flight time. What is the gift compared with Alitalia costs about € 200 for the same trip.

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