Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kastanienallee and Yaam

Kastanienallee 86

In the heart of Berg in Berlin as Bobo number 86 is the number Kastanienallee UFO. This calls for the building from the street, with its crumbling walls and parameter "normalization of capitalism kills destruction" with the words: "Capitalism destroy kills normalization" in the middle of the shopping street. Residents of the same building, as is the case in all the squats, threatened with expulsion by landlords who wish to renew this place is very healthy. At the same time, the squatters are fighting hard to keep their property, including the establishment, it must be said, is worth a look.


Was ideal Yaam for holiday inevitable during the visit to the East Side Gallery, the largest piece of the Berlin Wall still stands, and walls decorated with artists now from around the world. Nearly three-quarters of the session, and then open the place combines Jamaican warmth on the banks of the River Spree. There are a variety of areas (Skate Park, children's playground, a climbing wall, sports, food stalls, African, Caribbean and Brazilian wall graffiti dedicated) and activities (concerts, football games, volleyball, basketball and fitness ...) against the backdrop of reggae mix the spectrum of styles and cultures and periods. On sunny days, space "beach" and a beach bar opens at the water's edge, with sun loungers and cocktails rigor.

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