Sunday, June 23, 2013

Avignon and Chartres Cathedral

Avignon is located about 600km south of Paris, and is famous for babys and the Palace Theater scene Active. The city is home to actors, artists, and a large number of theaters and art galleries. Annual theater festival takes place from 10 July - 5 August has developed Avignon firmly on the European calendar, and maps for tourists. Avignon has a charming streets, shops and cafes in the old town.

Chartres Cathedral
This cathedral, also known as Notre Dame de Chartres officially one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in the country and in the city of Chartres, about 100 km south of Paris. The cathedral is for the best in the structure of religious medivalela. 12th century, architecture and reflects the work of many architects and craftsmen for hundreds of years. The result is a surface that contains all aspects of Roman and Gothic. The core may be worn by the Virgin Mary when she gave birth to Christ, are stored here.

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