Friday, August 23, 2013

History of Albania

A long time ago and lived in the region and has been the scene of many conflicts over the centuries, embodies the complexities of history of the Balkans. In ancient times it was part of Albania Illyrian and Roman Dalmatia, then fell under the Byzantine Empire with the passage from Rome to Constantinople.

Slavic tribes arrived in the 7 century was a subsidiary of the Bulgarians and then after 200 years, before returning under Byzantine influence until the tyrant of Epirus again. To power after the Fourth Crusade the rule of the Serbs and the region until the 14th century and the tremendous progress made by the Ottoman Turks in the Balkans. Alliance of Albanians under Ottoman Skanderbeg Turks and has slowed down, and finally surrender after two decades of war. After the Ottomans, there was a monarchy did not last long, which included all of Italy, and the Socialist Republic dominated by Enver Hoxha. Today, after decades of political and social unrest, the country seeks to join the European Union.

Coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate cooler and wetter in the mountains, where moist sea air intersects with the cold air from the continent. The interior of the country and knows the hot summers and cold winters. Dry summer, 95% of the precipitation falls in the winter months.

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