Monday, August 5, 2013

History of France

In the history of France traced back BC to the early civilizations of 50,000 years. Found ample evidence of the Stone Age in Perigord, where remains were discovered Crow, Crazy in the town of Les, Isis de . Was found Neolithic sites from 5000 BC in Britain.

Marseille was discovered by the Greeks in 600 BC and was named amused. The other parts of Gaul (France it was called at the time) the country's population, but archaeologists have such communities qu'Autun with shopping as well as from the early 100 BC known if any. Found evidence that the Greeks and Greeks had acted together in the old cemeteries outside the city of Fix.

In 52 BC, the Greeks defeated by the Romans Julius Caesar came to seize more land to build his empire. For more than five centuries after their defeat, the country lived in an era of peace and development. Population received education in Latin, learned farm technical, commercial and industrial, and the state's border with Germany, which was founded on the Rhine River. These developments allowed France centuries of conflict, which will begin with the fall of the Roman Empire withstand.

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